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"I am very please with my decision on the MAVELLO machine. Beside the alkaline water ionizer, the service and support from Kay Tan of Kemp Trading in Singapore and Lyndy Yeoh of YCL Marketing in Malaysia have been excellent." Wong Peng Lam customer since 2002. Wong Peng Lam,customer since 2002.

Jupiter Water Ionizer

DELPHI – The firstst fully-featured, stylish Euro-styled under-sink water ionizer that complements any kitchen décor.

It has multiple benefits such as:

- Highly Oxygenated
- Powerful Antioxidants
- Neutralises Acidic Wastes
- Neutralises Uric Acids
- Ionic Calcium build stronger bones
- Microwater that hydrates better
- Restores body pH balance
- Powerful Detoxifier
- Acid, Bacteria and Chemical free!

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About Kemp Trading Singapore

About Kemp Trading Singapore

When it comes to alkaline ionized water, KEMP TRADING is the pioneer and leader, as it has been carrying out dealings in water ionizers in Singapore for the past 26 years. It all started when Dr Yap C.L, Ph.D., brought in the first unit of water ionizers to research on their effectiveness.

Ever since then, Kemp Trading has progressed to becoming a recognised and distinguished water ionizer provider, which also offers first-rate knowledge along with outstanding service and superior-quality alkaline water ionizer systems.

We have a vast range of water ionizer models, which come in different variations and prices, and provide unmatched service support and a devoted and knowledgeable team of technical and sales staff – which makes us Singapore’s alkaline water filter specialists.

To learn more about alkaline antioxidant water and the benefits it can provide, or answer any other queries, call us today at 6272-5337 or 6223-2267.

You are also more than welcome to come visit our showroom at International Plaza #02-86 (Tanjong Pagar MRT Station).

House water filter system

Water, especially when it happens to be in its purest form, is the healthiest as well as best-tasting option for those who are conscious about their health and concerned about the quality of water obtained from other sources. Alkaline drinking water purifiers work by eliminating contaminants from water, while simultaneously replenishing it with essential minerals. The result is healthy, re-mineralised, alkaline balanced as well as great tasting water! Choose from our water ionizers to get optimal health benefits in Singapore today.

The body’s natural pH is 7.36, which it struggles to maintain in today’s age, with the highly processed unhealthy diets prevalent everywhere, along with stress. Your pH level affects all your body’s tissues, cells, glands, organs and organ systems, and increasing your body’s alkalinity helps your body resist illnesses and diseases. Choosing to include alkaline water in your daily life can help the body maintain optimal pH levels, which encourages optimum health. Alkaline water also contains naturally-existing calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium ions that can be fully absorbed by the body.


7/8/14 - Have a great National Day holiday! Our shop will be closed on 9/8/14 & 10/8/14.

For enquiries, SMS to 9126-6677 !

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